Self-assessment (Personality Traits & Learning Style)

Self-assessment is a step towards exploring an individuals personality traits, cognitive ability, social traits, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and learning styles. Knowing yourself can help you discover new ways to grow and enhance your skills and assert what you really need in life, relationships and otherwise.

Personality Assessment Tests provide a better understanding of hidden characteristics and traits, which can help during group activities and team interactions. A deeper understanding of own strengths and weaknesses can guide us handle wide variety of life decisions, such as choosing a stream or picking a college major. Self-realization not only make us aware of our good qualities but also educates us about our weaknesses and limitations to improve them.

₹ 2000

Personality + Learning Styles + Behavioral Analysis + Cognitive Abilities
Deeper Understanding of one’s own subjectivity and Judgment

A state of being from a passive learner to an active learner

A comprehensive report framing the subject of Self

Stream Selector

A scientifically designed psychometric assessment analyses various personal and professional traits of a student. The Stream Selector assessment helps students determine the right stream for students based on their interests, personality type and aptitude and the career options after 10th. These parameters accordingly evaluate your skills and abilities required to succeed in that stream and benefits of choosing the right stream based on your strengths, interests and other cognitive abilities. It is very important to pursue a stream that fits your interests, personality and strengths.

Dmystifi provides standardized psychometric tests to evaluate a person’s skills and abilities through a range of Interest, Personality and Aptitude tests. The combination of Interest, personality and Aptitude tests can help determine the right stream & subjects after 10 th and recommend best suited career options after 12 th .

₹ 2500

Interest Inventory
Broadens the knowledge of interests and problem solving abilities

Personality Evaluation
Constructs a personal development plan

Aptitude Assessment
Calculates one’s potential abilities required to achieve success in both education and industry

A detailed analysis of best-suited streams with matched career recommendations

Career Guidance

Career guidance is a legitimate choice for a student in terms of choosing the right career options and courses after 12th and be able to land safely on the desired career track. Discover the road map of career options and best courses after 12 th for the students to achieve specific milestones through a series of psychometric tests. Seeking Career Guidance leads to the clarity of a thought process by identifying the interests and skills of a student and helps them decide best career options to choose based on their stream.

Career Assessment Tests help students discover their true potential and qualities like interest, abilities, strengths, intellectual level, reasoning and cognitive ability through a series of Career Aptitude Tests. Dmystifi offers a validated Psychometric Career Assessment Test (CAT) to unravel career potential and discover areas in which your abilities and skills can be best developed.

₹ 3000

Career Inventory
Discover your Ideal Profession and enhance your internal motivators.

Personality Assessment
Multi-Dimensional Perspective of self-concept.

Intelligence Quotient
Determines the speed and accuracy to form Judgments.

An elaborative and selective scanning of the application of career possibilities

Primary School (Upto class 5)

Interest & Personality

Discover interests, likings and style of learning of your children to provide them right learning opportunities to match their core strengths. Children can learn and perform better, if the learning environment is right and matches their learning abilities.

Secondary School (Classes 6 – 10)

Stream / Subject Recommendation

Unravel your inert strengths and qualities and your core abilities based on your personality traits,aptitude and brain dominance.. Discover your perfect stream and subjects with comprehensive set of psychometric tests online.

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High School (Classes 11-12)

Career Option Recommendation

Get recommendation on right career as per your interests, personality traits and psychometric analysis of your core strengths. Dymstifi uses a multi-dimensional analysis to Identify right courses and career options.

Dmystifi Personality Assessment Report

Theory of Gardener
Scrutinizing the strengths that increase the chances of academic success.

Unravel your true personality traits and Increase the opportunity of self-discovery

Aptitude Assessment
Broadens the scope of academic enhancement to nurture specific potentials

A well analyzed report demonstrating the strengths to overcome academic issues

Dmystifi Stream Recommendation

Model of Intelligence 
Builds a self-image by painting the picture of their skills and abilities

Behavioral Model
A blueprint to understand our behaviors towards certain events

Aptitude Assessment
A psychological assessment that measures one’s knowledge while choosing a particular stream.

A detailed assessment of best-fit streams with  career recommendations

Dmystifi Career Recommendation

Interest Inventory
A career assessment tool that matches interests and strengths with specific career goals and options

Personality Assessment
Determines specific traits that fit best with your future goals.

Aptitude Assessment
A career tool that identifies the solution to your career problems.

A complete book of career possibilities and their future benefits

Leadership Readyness

Enhance or build skills in career counselling through a 3-month career counselling certification program designed and delivered by industry experts. With an emphasis on global best practices and experiential learning, ICCC is the perfect stepping stone for educationists and counsellors.

Role People Fit

Be a Dmystifi Partner Counsellor to expand, enhance and grow your career counselling practice. Leverage a world-class assessment platform, advanced analytics and sophisticated counsellor support tools to deliver quality career guidance and grow as a career counsellor.

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  • Multiple Intelligence Test
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    I am mother of a 16 year old boy who had always been an excellent student but befuddled while choosing his stream for his Senior Secondary Education . A friend recommended us to opt for a career personality test for better understanding and career guidance and this is where we have finally reached. With immense satisfaction , We would like to recommend these psychometric tests to all the parents and the students in the time of utter confusion and uncertainty while choosing the subjects and streams for a better and clearer picture .
    We are the parents to an 11 year old kid with whom we started facing tempramental as well as behavioural changes in past few months. On discussing the issue with a few friends we were suggested to take a personality test to deal with these early adolescence issues. As the result of the Personality test taken here we got a detailed analysis to his personality with suggestions to deal with the same . This test made it a lot more easier for us to deal with each change and have made things much more lighter and easier for us as the parents .
    Initially, i had no realisation of my choices and interests. So I planned to take a test on intelligence and personality to have a better perception about me. The test not only gave me a direction but actually helped me to understand the learning strategies that works best for me and characteristics that reflects my personality.
    Gunveen Kaur
    School Student
    I was in a dilemma about my future career path, I was stuck with two things in my mind. And Dmystifi helped me through it very easily. This tests gave a representation of what sort of a person i am and what personality traits suits my career type. It has been been very helpful throughout. And now i am on a career path recommended by Dmystifi.
    Japneet Kaur
    College Student
    When I got my results, I was slightly confused. But soon after reading the description, it made a lot more sense. The career paths turned out to be more realistic for me from what i had in mind and what path should i choose. And the results displayed a simpler path of my interest and now i'm pursuing what i like according to the results.
    College Student


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    Who We Are

    We are a team of senior industry professionals with strong academic and professional accomplishments. Together we bring experience of working with world’s biggest and the best corporates across 14+ countries, Big 5 Consulting companies and most importantly starting and running the most innovative Ed-Tech company in India since last 5 years.

    We have large experience of working closely with schools, educators, students to deliver solutions to improve learning environments through use of technology solutions. Our team includes senior child psychologists who have designed and developed innovative programs that can help discover and unravel interests and personality traits of students. This can significantly help improve learning and career prospects of students.

    What We Do

    Dmystify is the ultimate online destination to unravel and understand hidden aspects of one’s personality. Dmystifi provides world’s most recognised psychometric tests online, which can help students, parents and educators understand critical elements of personality, learning methods, brain dominance, subject capabilities, aptitude and career option preferences.

    Dmystifi provides digital resources those can help students choose streams and subjects and also provide advice for career guidance. We provide online career counseling through psychometric or career assessment to help school students and graduates to succeed in both their academic and professional careers.



    Psychometric Tests

    A psychometric test is an objective, standard, reliable and valid personality assessment capable of measuring the skills, abilities, attributes or personality traits of an individual. The primary focus of psychometric assessment is career guidance and to gauge the fitment of a person against a particular role. They are used to uncover the hidden or unseen skills of an individual which cannot be accurately evaluated during career counselling session.

    Stages of Psychometric Tests

    Psychometric tests are mainly categorized into 3 stages

    1. Personality Tests

    2. Skills Tests

    3. Aptitude tests:

    Under the aptitude tests, key test types are

    • Numerical reasoning test
    • Inductive reasoning test
    • Logical reasoning test
    • Error checking test
    • Diagrammatic reasoning test
    • Verbal reasoning test
    Psychometric testing for students

    Psychometric tests for students are generally a set of physical and mental queries to get a better understanding of the individual’s conditioning. Psychometric tests can reveal the suitability of a student to a particular field of study. Rather than focus on what pays more or what the parents would want the child to pursue, a psychometric test provides a best match of the students capability, interests and personality to the needs of the skill market.

    Advantages of Psychometric Tests

    1. It is accurate and appropriate

    2. Cheap to acquire

    3. Highly cost saving

    4. Unbiased approach

    5. Time-saving

    6. Improves efficiency

    When is the right time to take a Psychometric test?

    Psychometric tests can unravel a child’s interests, likings, personality traits and the preferred learning style. Being able to understand and discover this information at an early stage can help plan the right learning methods like visual, practical options and focus on right areas for a holistic overall growth of the child.

    Psychometric tests can be done at various stages to unravel various aspects of one’s personality at each stage. And at each stage it can give recommendations relevant and important for the future. Psychometric tests make it possible to guide students towards right career choices. Students can realize their strengths and weaknesses and better and informed career choices.

    Psychometric Tests as Career Guidance tools

    Psychometric tests are effective career counselling tools to help students select right Career Option based on underlying capabilities and specific traits. These work as a guiding tools for the Career Selection as per a person’s interests and personality.

    Some of the most commonly used and known tests include the  Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), Big Five Personality Test and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or Myers Briggs personality test (MBTI).