Competency Assessment to evaluate key personality traits and workplace habits

Unravel applicant’s potential and skills to specified performance standards. Competency Assessment determines the candidate’s suitability for a particular role and objectively measures an individual’s workplace habits, flexibility, and other critical traits. Competency evaluation analyses applicant’s key competencies, identify problems with employee performance and reveal the need for specific training. Competency assessment should be conducted initially and periodically to provide an opportunity for improving individual skills and to prevent performance problems faced through task-specific training. Competency Management is the core need of an organization to assess current and potential employees. The management discovers skill gaps and existing capabilities to employ new talent without bias.

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Competency Assessment

Provide a rational and practical understanding of a candidate’s behaviour at workplace and their ability to succeed in certain roles and environments

Situational Judgement Test

Provide candidate with behavioural insights and assess their understanding of workplace situations

Skill Tests

Measure candidate’s skills and knowledge to understand his/her capabilities and job readiness