Test Description

Verbal aptitude test is the ability to understand and make decisions based on verbal or written information and to pass this type of information to others.


Verbal tests demonstrate the decision-making process of a candidate. Verbal tests are the ability to spell words correctly, use correct grammar, understand analogies and analyze detailed written information.

Type of Verbal Aptitude tests

Simple Verbal Ability Tests

Simple verbal ability tests are considered as speed tests and don’t require much reasoning ability

  • Grammatical questions

Grammatical question test is based on sentence formation. You have to make the sentence free from grammatical errors on the basis of the following: Changing the placement, use of commas, semicolons, uppercase and lowercase letters or in short the punctuation

  • Spelling

Spelling test is based on meaning of words. You have to either give the definition of the word or to choose a synonym or antonym of the outline term.

  • Comprehension

Comprehension test is based on passages or series of passages. You have to answer several questions in the passage.

Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to test your reasoning and problem-solving ability rather than your language ability. These tests measure your ability to understand concepts and ideas expressed verbally.

Verbal Aptitude Question Types

  • Spelling Questions

Spelling questions are based on the identification of incorrectly spelled words.

  • Missing Word Questions

Missing word questions are designed to measure your vocabulary, specifically your understanding of precise word meanings.

  • Word Relationship Questions

Word relationship questions test your reasoning ability as well as your vocabulary. You need an understanding of the precise meaning of the words in the question and to establish the relationship between them.

  • Word Meaning Questions

Word meaning question are designed to measure your vocabulary and your understanding of word meanings. These questions have synonyms and antonyms, dictionary definitions and word pairs.


Verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure your verbal comprehension, reasoning and logic and your understanding of language. These tests are followed by a series of questions with possible responses. It is important to know and appreciate the meaning of each response to score well.

Test Requirements

You only require a Computer

Test Outcomes

Verbal reasoning tests determine your skill level when dealing with language. This helps you to analyze your verbal skills and relation with the usage of words.

Verbal Reasoning test determines your problem solving and logical skills. They discover your critical thinking ability and the logic you apply behind the words.

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