Test Description

The Big Five personality test measures the five personality traits which are best accepted and most commonly used in academic psychology. Big Five Personality Traits model, or OCEAN, or the Five Factor Model of personality is the most widely accepted model of personality among psychologists.

Big Five or Five Factor model concludes that the differences between people's personalities can be organized into five broad personality traits, called the Big Five Personality Factors. Five Factors of personality are also referred to as the five broad dimensions of a person’s personality:

Openness – Measure of a person’s creativity and imagination and acceptability to diverse views and new ideas

Conscientiousness - Measure of how self-disciplined, organised, reliable, goal-directed, hard-working and persistent a person is

Extraversion – Measure of how friendly, outgoing, fun loving and energetic an individual is. Extroverts draw inspiration from social situations and outside world

Agreeableness – Measure of a person’s cooperativeness, harmonious attitude, sympathy and forgiving nature. Ability to puts others' interests and needs ahead of own

Neuroticism – Measure of the way in which an individual react to stress and sensitiveness to stress and negative emotions


Definition of Big Five Facets



Competence - Sense that one is adept, prudent, and sensible

Order - Neat, tidy, and well-organized; methodical

Dutifulness – Ethical, Dependable, Governed by conscience; fulfill moral obligations

Achievement striving - High aspirations and work hard to achieve goals; driven to succeed

Self-discipline - Ability to begin and carry out tasks, self-motivating; persistent

Deliberation - Ability to think carefully before acting; cautious and deliberate



Trust – Trusting and honest; Generally believes others are honest and well intentioned

Straightforwardness - Sincere; unwilling to manipulate through flattery or deception

Altruism - Active concern for others’ welfare; helpful, generous, and considerate

Compliance - Cooperative; seek to inhibit aggression; forgiving; mild-mannered

Modesty - Humble and self-effacing

Tender-mindedness - Sympathy for human side of social policies; concerned for others



Anxiety - Apprehensive, fearful, prone to worry, tense, jittery

Angry hostility - Quick to anger; easily frustrated and irritated by others; bitter

Depression - Depressive affect, guilt, sadness, hopelessness; prone to dejection

Self-consciousness - Shame and embarrassment, sensitive to ridicule

Impulsiveness - Inability to control cravings or urges; susceptible to temptation

Vulnerability - Susceptibility to experience stress; easily panicked



Fantasy - Active imagination and lost in thoughts; tendency toward daydreaming;

Aesthetics - Appreciation for art and beauty, moved by poetry and music

Feelings - Receptive to inner feelings and emotions; empathetic

Actions – Active and Outgoing, Willing to try different activities; prefers variety over routine

Ideas - Willingness to consider new ideas, Intellectually curious and exploring

Values - Readiness to re-examine values; liberal; antitradition and antiauthority



Warmth - Affectionate and friendly; informal and unreserved around others

Sociability - Sociable; preference for company of others; “the more the merrier”

Assertiveness - Dominant, forceful, and socially able; take charge and assume leadership

Activity – High Energy, Vigorous and Outgoing and prefers fast-paced life

Excitement-seeking - Crave excitement and stimulation; sensation-seeking

Positive emotions - Experience joy; laugh easily; cheerful and optimistic; high-spirited


The Big Five model of personality is one of the most widely used personality model and considered to be the most scientifically robust method to describe personality traits. It has been the basis of most modern personality research


The test consists of questions that have to be rated on how true they are about you on a five point scale where 1=Strongly Disagree, 3=Neutral and 5=Strongly Agree.

Test Requirements

You only require a computer or a mobile device to appear for the test and analyse the details

Test Outcomes

Detailed report about the personality traits and recommendations and possible career options.


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    Target Classes

  • Class 10