Dmytifi discovers the unique talent of individuals which help them to walk towards the path of Self- actualization. It broadens the perspective of self and gives a clear image of the hidden skills and strengths of an individual to deal with their behaviors.


A measurement to explore the choices or options while making a decision. In short, the specific interests of individuals that admires them the most.


An in-depth analysis of an individual’s behaviors and attitudes to deal with their self and the people around them.


A type of assessment which figures out the competency level of an individual to perform specific tasks.

Stream Selection

Dmystifi unlocks the confusion of choosing the best-fit stream for you. It provides the answers to all your problems with a complete assessment of one’s potentials, interest, personality and attitudes. Furthermore, it connects the individual with the well-researched career options based on their choice of subjects.

Part 1: Choice of Subject

The individual gets enlightened of the choice of subjects and topics to discover the focus of interest to have a crystal clear image of the career options.

Part 2: Choice of Stream

The individual gets a clarity of the best-fit stream with a detail understanding of the personality and aptitudes interrelated with the choice of stream. Finally, the individual climbs on the first step of ladder of their career.

Part 3: Choice of Career

A type of assessment which figures out the competency level of an individual to perform specific tasks.



Career Recommendation

Dmystifi narrows down all the career possibilities for an individual. It further breakdowns the list of selected career options based on the individual’s interest, personality and aptitude. Thus, helps them to unlock the door of career.

Part 1: Discover the Talent

The Individual has a vision of the unspecified talents and skills. The individual is not only aware of the strengths but the strategies to deal with their weakness.

Part 2: Discover the right Career

The individual has an availability of the career options based on their interests. The individual is now ready to deal with their confused state of mind with a clear picture of the career recommendations.

Part 3: Discover the right use of Career

Individual has a clarity of their strategies and techniques to deal with future. The individual is cleared with a set of information to effectively make use of the career and skills to work peacefully on for their preferred choice.