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Arithmetic reasoning is an ability to solve a given problem with the use of mathematical concepts. The Arithmetic reasoning test includes basic mathematical and arithmetic problems. Arithmetic reasoning test works with number sequence, mathematical operators, ratio and proportion, percentage, power and roots, sets and probability



Arithmetic Reasoning test is composed of math problems. One should not only focus on solving mathematical problems by using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division but also use their reasoning skills to figure out the best way to obtain the answer. You need to pay attention not only to the numbers in the problem but also the wording, the paragraph format and more.

Each problem is presented as a short verbal description of a situation that includes some numerical facts. Read the problem to determine what the question is and settle on the best route for arriving at the answer and respond accordingly. It is important that you perform all calculations carefully because an estimate may lead you to a wrong answer.


Test Formats

Arithmetical Reasoning checks the candidate’s capacity to adjust to the changing patterns among various arithmetic relations.

Data Relations

Data Relations are a part of arithmetic relations. You have to find out the variable based on the relationship that you develop from the given data.

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams refers to the schematic way of representing the elements of a set or a group. The set or groups of objects are represented in form of circles or ellipses. You have to guess the type of Venn diagram that will suit the particular relation.



Here are the steps to answer the questions when giving an Arithmetic Reasoning Test.

  • Read the problem thoroughly

Word problems are sometimes presented in a tricky manner, so you have to carefully read each to discern exactly what is being asked for.

  • Determine the question

After reading the problem, move on to the next step to determine exactly what the question is asking.

  • How to answer the question?

Look back at the problem and determine the best way to answer the question. This involves extracting the relevant facts from the problem.

  • Create equation as per the requirements

Gather all relevant facts, put the facts into an equation, determine the best way to arrive at the answer before choosing the correct answer.

  • Solve and review the question

In the last step, do a quick review to make sure you have arrived at an answer that satisfies what the question is looking for.

Test Requirements

You only require a Computer

Test Outcomes

Arithmetic skills are based on your reasoning abilities to solve mathematical problems.

This gives you an understanding towards the manipulation of the quantitative information. 

Arithmetic skills discover your critical thinking abilities and your capability to perform and analyze numerical data.

It deals with your concentration power and accuracy in solving the mathematical problems and your ability to determine the relevant information.

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